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  Solid Business Understanding - We develop a thorough application knowledge of your business and relate the appropriate products to your objective.

  Dedication to support - We offer lifetime product support including comprehensive, on-site training; freight coordination; technical service; part replacement; and warranty fulfillment.

  Technical Competence - We deliver the highest quality product and are willing to stand behind it with a strong guaranty and warranty.

  High Quality Dock Leveling Equipment - Since we first began manufacturing dock levelers in 1961 we have been committed to quality and safety.

  Turnkey Loading Dock Solutions - We are your one-stop-shop for complete loading dock solutions.

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Commonly Asked Questions

What items will work best to lower my utility bills in my building?

Products that reduce air infiltration and energy costs work best to lower your energy bill. Allied Solution items such as the Cup Seal, Rear Brush Seal Kits, the Mag-Seal, the Draft Wedge and the Door Strip can reduce air infiltration into your building while LED lighting can lower your electrical costs. 

Will Allied Solution's products work with all brands of loading dock equipment?

99% of all of the products that Allied solutions offers are designed to work with any brand of dock equipment or door.  There are a few weather seal items and door items which will require design verification before working with all brands. Contact our office to make sure it will work with your application.

Do I have to be a registered dealer of Allied Solutions to purchase products?

Allied solution products can be purchased by anyone either directly or through a local dealership. You do not need to be a registered dealer to purchase our products.
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