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Edge Lights

Light & Communication


A light communication system is an important safety component to have at any loading dock. You can enhance this communication by adding the Edge Lights to the interior wall above the dock door.

Edge Lights flash either red or green and are an added level of safety that becomes visibly clear to any dock worker when it’s safe or not to enter the trailer.

Integrate these Edge Lights with any vehicle restraint controls for an automated level of communication to ensure that a safe loading process takes place.

Fault Light

When there is a fault with the restraint, or the controls are put in bypass mode, the middle amber light will illuminate to inform dock workers to proceed with caution.

Interior Communication

Integrating with vehicle restraint controls, Edge Lights act as a clear indication to dock workers of proper restraint engagement and if it's safe to enter the trailer.

Green Edge Lights

Red Edge Lights

Vertical Edge Lights

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