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Tough Strut

Secondary Precautionary Strut


When performing maintenance in a dock pit, taking extra precautionary measures is a good idea, and the Tough Strut is there to help.


The Tough Strut is a secondary means to help provide platform support for air, mechanical and select hydraulic dock levelers from Systems, Inc.  It's designed as a backup to the maintenance props equipped with the leveler in case any faults occur with those props.  The Tough Strut can be secured to the dock leveler and adjusted in each direction to fit with the raised leveler.  Vertical adjustments can be made in 1 inch increments.


Take extra precautions with your maintenance and add the Tough Strut for backup support.

Adjusted and Fastened

The Tough Strut can be adjusted in each direction to fit the leveler and securely fastened to the leveler's frame.

Vertical Alignment

In increments of 1 inch, the Tough Strut can be vertical adjusted to fit securely with the height of the leveler.

Tough Strut Operation

Hydraulic Insert

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